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MGI CPIM Course: Basics of Supply Chain Management

The course begins with an overview of the entire supply chain management process and then discusses order qualifiers/order winners, the basics of MRP, dependent vs. independent demand, master planning, production scheduling, forecasting techniques, determining order quantities, ABC analysis, inventory management, capacity management, and production activity control.

It also discusses supplier selection, supplier agreements, the quality management system, lean/just-in-time manufacturing, and the theory of constraints.

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CPIM Course - Basics of Supply Chain ManagmentBasics of Supply Chain Management – Course no. E56
Time to Complete: 35 hours, 3.5 CEUs

Unit One: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Basic supply chain; EOQ equation;order qualifiers vs. order inners; manufacturing business model; product life cycle.

Unit Two: Material Requirements Planning

Dependent vs. independent demand; bill of material; calculating quantities from a multi-level product tree; planning horizon; planned, released, and firm planned orders.

Unit Three: Master Planning

Calculating production; using the standard hour; completing a master production schedule; calculating available-to-promise; final assembly schedule.

Unit Four: Forecasting

Four forecasting techniques; bias vs. random error; calculating a seasonality index; exponential smoothing; mean absolute deviation (MAD).

Unit Five: Inventory Fundamentals

Kanban system; classifications of inventory; calculating inventory carrying cost; balance sheets and income statements; calculating net profit.

Unit Six: Inventory Management

Determining order quantities; lot size reduction; two-bin inventory system; periodic review vs. cycle counting; order point system.

Unit Seven: ABC Classification and Physical Distribution

ABC analysis; order picking and assembly systems; distribution requirements planning; carrier rate structures and shipping costs.

Unit Eight: Capacity Management and Production Activity Control

Measuring capacity; calculating work center available time, utilization, and efficiency; finite vs. infinite loading; bottleneck centers.

Unit Nine: Purchasing

Purchasing cycle; supplier selection; vendor managed inventory; monitoring supplier performance.

Unit Ten: Quality Management

TQM; Six Sigma; Pareto analysis; fishbone diagrams and control charts.

Unit Eleven: Lean/Just-in-Time

Manufacturing Lean/JIT; manufacturing waste; process vs. product layouts; reducing set-up time; pull systems; preventive maintenance; continuous improvement; VSM; Heijunka, 5-S, and DMAIC.

Unit Twelve: Theory of Constraints

Types of constraints; VATI analysis; drum-buffer-rope planning and scheduling; critical chain project management.

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