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MGI APICS CPIM Execution & Control of Operations

Learn the how to and the importance prioritizing and sequencing work, executing work plans and implementing controls, reporting activity results, and providing feedback on performance. This course explains techniques for scheduling and controlling production processes, the execution of quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans, and the control and handling of inventories.

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MGI Management Institute APICS CPIM Execution & Control of Operations CourseExecution and Control of Operations – Course no. E08
Time to Complete: 35 hours, 3.5 CEUs

UNIT ONE: Planning, Execution, and Control Overview

The elements of a closed loop manufacturing system; how to develop your business plan; approaches to making and marketing a product; the choices in facilities layout.

UNIT TWO: Scheduling Production and Process Operations

Three possible production scheduling approaches and how to apply them; finite vs. infinite loading; the I/O report; how to maximize throughout; use of the critical ratio approach.

UNIT THREE: Authorizing, Executing, and Reporting Activities for Push Systems

What a push system is; the tools of shop floor control; use of the load pro- file; the advantages and disadvantages of expediting; work center tracking of data.

UNIT FOUR: Authorizing, Executing, and Reporting Activities for Pull Systems

The difference between push and pull systems; strengths and weaknesses of the pull system; visual reorder points; kanban and its rules; the principles of synchronous production.

UNIT FIVE: Design Concepts and Trade-offs

Learn to evaluating design trade-offs and their effect on internal operations, relationships with both supplier and customers, and supply networks. Explore the use of visual management to define workplace design and layout.

UNIT SIX: Quality and Continuous Improvement Initiatives—Basic Concepts

Five approaches to quality; the seven steps to process improvement; the seven wastes of Dr. Shingo; the Taguchi Method, Poka Yoke, and the Pareto Principle; JIT and its evaluation.

UNIT SEVEN: Management and Worker Development

This unit examines different approaches to management and how to develop, evaluate and
reward people. Learn how to create self-directed work teams through education, training, performance appraisals and rewards.

UNIT EIGHT: The Quality Management Process

This unit focuses on the cost of quality and the approaches and techniques for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of quality initiatives and continuous improvement efforts. Learn how to use statistical and other analysis tools and techniques to improve quality management.

UNIT NINE: Evaluating Performance of Production Operations

How to measure performance; the Bill of Materials and the Routing; data elements in the inventory record; the types of costs and their effects; the productivity equation.

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